Wall Art Hardware

Wall Art Hardware
Our wall art hanging system includes a metal bracket, screw, and plastic anchor.
A metal “button” is permanently bonded to the back of the glass which slides into the bracket.
Position template and tape to wall Drill a hole for the screw anchor
If you have a paper template, position and tape it to the wall. The brackets will be mounted with a screw through the top hole, and the glass piece will hang on it slightly lower than the screw (about .5″). The blue plastic anchor will prevent the screw threads from stripping out of the drywall. Drill a hole for it with a 3/16″ or 13/64″ drill bit.
Hammer plastic anchor into the hole Screw bracket to wall through its top hole
Place the plastic anchor in the drilled hole and tap it in lightly with a hammer. Screw the bracket into the anchor, using the wider top hole of the bracket.
Slide piece onto the bracket Handle Starbursts between the spikes only
Slide the metal button on the back of the wall art into the bracket, ensuring the button is fully seated in the bracket. Rocking the piece gently back and forth while twisting it will help it fall into place. Once fully seated, the piece may be rotated for best visual presentation. Please use care when handling the Starburst pieces, grasping them only between the spikes.

Please ask if you have any questions! dean@wolfartglass.com


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